The Herbarium

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herbarium (hɜːˈbɛərɪəm) — n 1. a collection of dried plants, systematically arranged. 2. a room or building in which such a collection is kept.

At the moment, I am reading The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim.  Published in 1922, the book tells the story of four women, strangers to each other initially, who end up renting an Italian castle together throughout April, after seeing it advertised in a newspaper.  Their relationships with each other, and with the people (mostly men) back home who have made them want to escape in the first place, make up the bulk of the novel, which is so well observed and frequently makes me laugh out loud because of how well the women’s internal monologues resonate with me and my own.  Von Arnim’s prose is almost poetic in the way she uses repetition of phrases and builds upon an original image throughout a passage, usually to hilarious effect.  I first heard of the book over on Rookie and now cannot wait to get my hands on more of her work.  These images from the Life Magazine Archive epitomise the mood of the book, which is a dreamy, hazy, summery escape from the ceaseless rain the Lake District is experiencing at the moment.  

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